ACS Via Wizard Software

As a public service to the global community of Ansys HFSS users, Amphenol CS is making available their automated front end tool for creating 3D Via models for many of their connectors. This tool used by hundreds of customers and Amphenol employees to speed up the process of creating custom plated through hole footprints for connectors. In addition, this tool can be used for other commonly used structures such as footprints associated with BGAs and DC Blocking Capacitors. After downloading, please review the README.txt file to obtain a registration code.

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    ACS Via Wizard Software (Zipped) Software and Manual Download

ACS De-embedding Utility

In addition to iTRL, Amphenol is providing de-embedding software that uses 2x-thru and impedance corrected 2x-thru algorithms. The 2x-thru algorithm is fast, robust, and provides the same accuracy as TRL with only one input standard. Like iTRL, the impedance corrected 2x-thru algorithm corrects for differences between the test fixture and the 2x-thru to ensure causal de-embedded S-parameters. However, this utility only needs a 2x-thru instead of three line measurements. The software can de-embed single-ended and differential test fixtures, and also compares test fixture 2x-thru S-parameters to the IEEE P370 Fixture Electrical Requirements.

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    ACS De-embedding Utility (Zipped) Beta Release - Software and Manual Download

iTRL De-embedding Software

As a public service to the global signal integrity community, Amphenol CS is making available their improved TRL (iTRL) de-embedding software. The iTRL method overcomes many of the limitations of standard TRL. With standard TRL, the accuracy of the de-embedded results depends on the equivalence between the calibration trace used for de-embedding and the actual traces on the test boards. Variations in impedance between the traces and launches of the calibration board and those of the test boards, can result in non-causalities in the de-embedded model. By making much more accurate models of the test board traces, the iTRL method overcomes the problems with TRL and yields cleanly de-embedded models of DUTs such as a connector with its PCB footprints.

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    iTRL De-embedding Software (Zipped) Windows 64-bit Download